Lara Domaç, who is heartbreaking as Roza in The Teşkilat series, is on Okul Yolunda!
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29 March 2023 09:54


Lara Domaç, who is heartbreaking as Roza in The Teşkilat series, is on Okul Yolunda!

Lara Domaç, who played the character of Roza in the Teşkilat TV series, said goodbye to the story with a bitter ending. Lara Domaç, who appeared on the screen as Roza, the daughter of Yıldırım’s character played by Gürkan Uygun, attracted the attention of the audience with her successful performance.

Lara Domac, who showed herself with advertisements, took part in the TV series 20 Minutes in 2012. Domaç played Hasan Can Kaya’s lover in the Exxen TV series called Hayallerim Aşkım ve Ailem, last year.

It turned out that Lara Domaç agreed with a new series after the character of Roza, who died as a result of an armed attack in the 29th episode of The Teşkilat. The young actress will meet with the audience on the ATV screen in 2022. The role of the actress, who was born in 1999 and increased her experience with various projects, in the new series is also very curious.

The shooting of the TV series “Okul Yolunda”, which will attract everyone’s attention with its scenes of child bride and violence against women, will begin soon.

After The Teşkilat, you will watch Lara Domaç in the ATV series this time. Lara Domaç, who plays the violin, plays the tango, is assertive in Latin dance and demonstrates her talents with hip hop dances, is very interested in modern dance.

Developing her acting education at Tümay Özokur Academy, Lara Domaç is preparing for her new drama.

Yunus Emre Yıldırımer, Gizem Güneş, Fatih Al, Nihan Büyükağaç, Hande Kaptan, Asena Keskinci, Sıla Korkmaz, İlker Sami Kılıç, Ozan Güçlü also became the names that became clear to be in the TV series Okul Yolunda.

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