Last posts of Hande Erçel made say "What a beauty!
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4 February 2023 14:08


Last posts of Hande Erçel made say “What a beauty!

Hande Erçel, the star of the series Love Is In The Air, screened on Fox TV, enchants her fans with her posts on social media! The player, who attracted attention with the number of followers approaching 20 million, became even more popular with her series.

Managed to become one of the most talked about names in recent Hande Erçelen, the first 3 to receive one ordinary on the agenda in Turkey also manages social media!

The posts he makes for her fans suddenly come to the agenda of social media and are rapidly dispersing. A name that her followers follow with interest with everything she does, what she wears, and what she says.

The sharing of Hande Erçel, who is also very associated with Kerem Bürsin, with whom she played a role in the series, also attracts great interest.

The two players, who catch the screen harmony, point out that there is nothing between them at every opportunity, but they still cannot get rid of the language of the magazine!

Let us remind you that Erçel’s name was mentioned with another person a while ago, but the actress did not make any explanation about it.

Let’s get to one of Hande Erçel’s last posts. Erçel shared her poses taken with a black mini dress on the instgram page.

The poses of the actress in a cleavage dress suddenly spread on social media and gained great appreciation. Although she was criticized unfairly for a period of time, it is seen that Hande Erçel has become very weak recently and took great care to maintain her form.

Here is Erçel’s admirable pose …

By the way, a surprise came out after Hande Erçel’s post with the words “We have a surprise soon”!

It was also learned that the actress, who was acclaimed with her white outfit, was a guest of the Tonight With İbrahim Selim broadcast on Zorlu PSM Youtube channel.

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