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13 August 2022 00:26


Latin America landing from Kanunsuz Topraklar!

Fox TV series Kanunsuz Topraklar opened abroad. Starring Uğur Güneş, Esra Bilgiç and Necip Memili, the series appeared in front of channels and production companies at the MIP Cancun fair, where it showcased TV series from Latin American countries.

Kanunsuz Topraklar, which started to appear on Fox TV at the beginning of this season, is one of the most ambitious works of the channel. The period drama about the struggle of coal workers in Zonguldak in the 1930s is a very high-budget job.

Kanunsuz Topraklar, starring Esra Bilgiç, Uğur Güneş and Necip Memili, participated in the series fair held in Cancun, Mexico. Kanunsuz Topraklar appeared before the channels and production companies of South American countries under the name Kanunsuz Topraklar at MIP Cancun, the biggest TV series format fair in Latin American countries.

Meanwhile, things are not going very well in Turkey for Fox TV’s ambitious series Kanunsuz Topraklar. The ratings for the show are pretty bad. Kanunsuz Topraklar, which had a very good rating in the first episodes, lost a lot of blood when strong opponents came up against it.

After that, the director and screenwriter of the series changed. Kanunsuz Topraklar came to the screen this week with its first episode signed by its new director, Cevdet Mercan. However, the seventh episode with the new director did not get very good results from the ratings.

Kanunsuz Topraklar is having a hard time in front of two influential TV series, Sadakatsiz and Kuruluş Osman, which have created their own audience.

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