Like Utku Ateş's farewell last season in the Gönül Dağı series, Gülsim Ali İlhan is leaving with a burning heart!
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4 February 2023 09:49


Like Utku Ateş’s farewell last season in the Gönül Dağı series, Gülsim Ali İlhan is leaving with a burning heart!

Gönül Dağı series, which did a very successful job on the television screen with its second season, did not match the success of the first season… Gönül Dağı, which also managed to be the most successful production of the 2021-2022 season together with the Kuruluş Osman series, became one of the rare series that can still achieve double-digit ratings despite the end of the season. .

Gönül Dağı’s second season farewell episode will air on Saturday, May 28. With the 65th episode, another period will be closed in the series. While the cast and crew are taking a vacation, the scriptwriters have started working on the third season.

The farewell of the second season of the Gönül Dağı series will be a bit sad. Some names left the series last season. For example, the farewell of Utku Ateş, who played the character of Serdar, upset everyone. The audience, who loved the characters of Elif and Serdar, said goodbye to the series in a sad way due to the separation decision of Utku Ateş, who played Serdar. There is another sad departure this season.

Gülsim Ali İlhan, who plays the lead role with Berk Atan and plays the character of Dilek, bids farewell to the series. The actress, who will meet with the audience for the last time with the 65th episode, leaves the series at his own request.

Dilek’s character was very influential in the story and the actress gave the lead role. However, the actress decided to leave the series because she could not get used to the life in Sivrihisar, where the shootings took place, and she missed her life in Istanbul very much.

The 65th episode, in which this separation will also be experienced, and Dilek and Taner’s duo will break apart from each other, will be quite sad. Between Asuman and Ramazan’s wedding rush, Dilek’s character wants to warn everyone about the rocks breaking off the mountain, but she will be right in the middle of danger.

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