Mahkum series fans are revolting, it can't be such a ridiculous decision!
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5 October 2022 19:18


Mahkum series fans are revolting, it can’t be such a ridiculous decision!

17 episodes of the Mahkum (Prisoner) series are left behind, and the separation of Cemre’s character in the episode aired on Thursday night shook everyone deeply. It was announced in the 18th episode that the character played by Seray Kaya died, but the audience had already received backstage information. Seray Kaya’s separation was found absurd from the very beginning. However, the fans of the series do not find the justification for the story sufficient.

According to many TV series fans who commented on social media, the story got weaker with this move… We can understand from the decreasing ratings that the Mahkum series lost a group of viewers with the month of Ramadan and the warming up of the weather. While the story of the series is expected to become much more interesting and the character of Cemre is expected to contribute to this, how logical is the decision of the lead actress to leave the cast?

The loyal viewers of the series criticize the screenwriters’ decision to leave and point out that it is untimely and there is an unnecessary separation. A number of fans rebelled against the separation of the character of Cemre with the following words:

“Shee couldn’t have left without even winning a case she took voluntarily, without giving Fırat’s attitude at the beginning of the series to her, and without getting Barış and his supporters together. She should never have gone. They would be with Euphrates! Maybe it would take time, but it would happen. You wouldn’t. I have never seen such a disgusting character as Sasha. Let her die too, creeping she.”

The departure of the character of Cemre from the series caused a great reaction and according to the audience, the story will suffer from this. Fans of the Mahkum series, who think that both the character and Seray Kaya have been treated unfairly, think that a Cemre character who has learned the truth can serve the story much better.

However, the screenwriters decided on Cemre’s death, and this also happened. Seray Kaya left the team by thanking her friends with her social media sharing. What happened in the series Mahkum (Prisoner) continues to be harshly criticized by the audience on social media.

We will be able to see whether the separation of the character of Cemre will have a negative effect on the ratings in the 18th new episode, which will be published on Thursday, April 21. Here is the first trailer from the new episode:

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