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19 August 2022 04:51


Mahkum’s Cemre, Seray Kaya, misses her old hairstyle!..

Actress Seray Kaya first stepped on the sets with the character of “Miray”, which she portrayed in the TV series “Kocamın Ailesi” in 2014. Kadın TV series, in which the actress took part after the series Gülümse Yeter, was the turning point of her career.

Seray Kaya, who gained great popularity with Kadın, which was broadcast in many countries of the world, played the character of “Şirin” in the series that lasted for 3 seasons. The actress portrayed the psychopathic and selfish character “Şirin” so well that there were even viewers who hated her in real life because of her character.

The successful actress appeared on the screens as ‘Lena Hatun’ in Kuruluş Osman for a while after Kadın series made its finale. In the new season, Seray Kaya gives life to the character of lawyer ‘Cemre Uysal’ in Mahkum series of Fox TV.

“Cemre” is a more naive character after her character “Şirin” in Kadın TV series. Although the audience has difficulty in adapting to this role of the actress, Seray Kaya meets the expectations in the best way in the series Mahkum.

Seray Kaya is also on the agenda with her social media posts from time to time. The actress told about her longing for her long hair in her last post on her Instagram account. Kaya’s photo received hundreds of comments and likes in a short time. The actress also attracted attention with her fit image in the photo.

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