Series News Meaningful but difficult words from Kaan Yıldırım after the finale of the Sipahi series!

Meaningful but difficult words from Kaan Yıldırım after the finale of the Sipahi series!


The final episode of the action series Sipahi, which was broadcast on Show TV on Monday evenings, was broadcast. Özge Gürel and Kaan Yıldırım were in the lead roles of the Sipahi series, which was disappointing because it was a project that only remained on the screen for 8 episodes.

Despite the fact that the two impressive protagonists have millions of fans and offer an effective story in the action style of the series, the ratings of the Sipahi series have not been good. It was expected that Sipahi would be successful, considering that the series created great expectations before the start of the series and the support of the fans of the two leading actors on social media. However, it did not turn out as expected.

After the series finale with the eighth episode, the actors and the whole team said goodbye to each other. During this farewell, the difficult but meaningful words that came out of Kaan Yıldırım’s mouth drew attention.

The famous actor said, “We had a difficult 4 months. We worked well. Things start and end; some are long, some are short. I think it’s very important to stay well in memories. This team will stay well in my memory. I say it sincerely,” he said.

The crew of the Sipahi series said goodbye to it with good memories, but sadly, and the story of a series was finished before it was completed. The farewell moments of the team were shared on the social media account of the series, accompanied by the words of Kaan Yıldırım.

The message included the following statements: “It is very important to stay well in memories… Our journey has ended here, but the journey of our #Sipahis who are fighting for the homeland will always continue! We would like to thank all our viewers.”