[Mehmet Gunsur] was miraculously witnessed
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27 November 2022 14:33


[Mehmet Gunsur] was miraculously witnessed

[Mehmet Gunsur] latest news …

The actor first explained two miracles of your life!

Actor in the ‘Kanaga’ series.

Actor is trying to save the world with his mother and son and daughter.

Actor said that his mother had returned to death two times and that it was a miracle.

Actor explained that they live:

“My mother was saved twice from a disease without treatment. Life was a turning point. Not just her, but all of us. I have witnessed that miracle twice. we went to an alternative medicine tie for no treatment. Twice the doctors told me ‘be prepared to die of anemia’. In Chinese medicine, we have also used classical whisper. And we witnessed incredible miracles. So I say that life is not just what you see. Much more than that, there is a depth. we must nest again with nature and treat this world well “

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