Artists News Melis Sezen brings together many different emotions in the same series!

Melis Sezen brings together many different emotions in the same series!


The Gülcemal series is broadcast on Fox TV on Thursday evenings, and Melis Sezen and Murat Ünalmış stand out as the lead couple. It is clear that it is a good role for the Deva character, who should reflect very different emotions on behalf of the actress, to show her abilities.

The character of Deva has a special place in her career for Melis Sezen, who said that everything went well and got good feedback in her statement.

Deva actually sheds light on the lives of many women in today’s world. Melis Sezen expressed the details of the character with these words:

“Deva did not rebel, even though she was abandoned. She asks the question why, she asks the question of who am I. She gets angry, unable to find an answer. This is the character’s biggest issue. The question of who am I, what is my root? She’s trying to find the answer to that question because she can’t feel belonging. Because she was abandoned by her mother. That her mother is with her, that she has never stopped communicating with her mother, as if her mother is dead, her mother lives inside her for her. Instead of rebelling, getting angry and holding grudges, she is a girl who maintains her faith, puts it into love and opens her heart.”

Murat Ünalmış is in the series with a tough male character, and Deva, played by Melis Sezen, will draw attention to the fact that Gülcemal is the cure for her problem.

Melis Sezen gave the following information about the course of the story: “It is difficult to cure Gülcemal’s problem. But Deva is a healer girl. Man does not necessarily have to try to heal herself. Sometimes some souls come together and we all serve each other. Gülcemal and Deva come together in the same way.

So the concept of soul mate is also mentioned here. At some point, you complete each other, you start making your way through each other’s lives. Both are very injured. No matter how wounded someone’s heart is, she opens her heart, she chose to fill it with love again. But Gülcemal chose to fill it with hatred. Actually, Deva will show love to Gülcemal.”