Melis Sezen put an end to the polemics over the decollete of her dress!
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27 September 2022 07:20


Melis Sezen put an end to the polemics over the decollete of her dress!

Melis Sezen, the star of the TV series Sadakatsiz (Unfaithful), found herself in the middle of a polemic because of the decollete of the dress she wore at the Golden Butterfly Award Ceremony last December.

Former MP Ahmet Çakar brought up the outfit that actress Melis Sezen wore months ago in a television program he attended, and criticized the famous actress in an accusatory manner.

Ahmet Çakar said, “I don’t know her name or anything. They were invited to the gala the other day. She’s wearing an outfit, that outfit is a crime by law. It is also a crime that is not subject to complaint. Because decollete shows itself completely in open society. So no bra. The chest cleavage has descended to the navel. Isn’t that the brunt of immorality?” he said.

After these words, many famous names, including Hazal Kaya, Nilgün Belgün, Hadise, Demet Evgar, Bige Önal and Aybüke Pusat, expressed their reactions to Çakar on social media.

Çakar’s statement created controversy, the reactions grew. In her message of support to her colleague, Hazal Kaya said, “You are sitting, lawyers, are you talking about the decollete and body of a woman the age of your grandchild? Is violence against women a crime or targeting? If there is a crime, you are guilty. Drown in your morals…”

Melis Sezen, who kept her silence for a while in the face of the statements, put an end to the polemic with her sharing on her Instagram account.

The actress, who shared her photo with the outfit that was the subject of the discussion, wrote the following message: “I didn’t share this photo, it was stuck inside me. Don’t stay. We women are very strong, we will continue to achieve great things and shine brightly everywhere. Whatever our soul desires. May this light fill and enlighten everyone’s hearts.”

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