Melisa Şenolsun is in a surprise project after Atiye!
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2 October 2022 10:30


Melisa Şenolsun is in a surprise project after Atiye!

Famous actress Melisa Şenolsun recently played in the Netflix series Atiye, starring Beren Saat. Filming of season 3 of Atiye, which has been broadcasted for two seasons, has also ended but has not been released yet.

Melisa Şenolsun was not seen around much after the shooting was over. Finally, with the emergence of her new project, actress came back to the agenda.

Şenolsun will take a role in a movie this time. Journalist Birsen Altuntaş shared the information about the film on her twitter account.

Melisa Şenolsun is accompanied by the young and successful name Cem Yiğit Üzümoğlu, known for her TV series Adı Efsane. Another actress of the series is Ushan Çakır, who is also a successful name.

The screenplay of the movie signed by Mam’Art Production is written by Erdi Işık. The directors are İsmet Kurtuluş and Kaan Arıcı.

The film depicts a couple who are about to get married, confronting their own hypocrisy and reality just before their wedding.

The detail that makes the RSV film interesting is that it takes place in a single location and the balance between the 3 characters in the film is constantly changing.

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