Artists News Mert Fırat – İdil Fırat couple gave the good news!

Mert Fırat – İdil Fırat couple gave the good news!


The famous couple Mert Fırat and İdil Fırat, who married in September 2018, announced that they were expecting a baby with their share from their Instagram accounts. The two posted a common message.

Mert Fırat, in his announcement from his Instagram account, said that “We are expecting a baby” and also gave the news that his fans have been waiting for a long time.

Expressing that they had to give this news during the quarantine process due to the coronavirus epidemic, Mert Fırat reacted to those who were fed with evil with angered words.

Mert Fırat said, “I would like to hear that we will hug our loved ones on healthier and more peaceful days and give good news, but it has been a fortune for a quarantine day. We are expecting a baby. We are very excited and happy. Thank you very much and full of love to everyone who has gone through his heart, fed with goodness, shared our excitement and conveyed his good wishes. ”

The actor also drew attention with the following words: “Let us declare on this occasion that we started the legal process against unfounded slanderous smearings made by those who took the sect of evil while experiencing this excitement. We wish everyone a day full of health and happiness with their loved ones. ”