Artists News Mina Derman stopped making heavy criticism of herself!

Mina Derman stopped making heavy criticism of herself!


Mina Derman, who played the character of Suna in the TV series Ben Bu Cihana Sığmazam (I Can’t fit in this World) , became one of the names that attracted attention with her successful performance.

Mina Derman, who had the opportunity to increase her experience by being on the same set with the experienced names of the series, said that she could watch herself on television because they did not work on the Tuesday evenings when the series was broadcast.

Mina Derman stated that she sometimes criticizes herself when she sees herself on the screen by saying “I could do it like this”.

Mentioning that she made more intense and harsh criticisms of herself in the first period when she stepped into the industry, the actress said, “I broke him a little. I’m playing before I think I’m watching. I think I’m better in that sense,” she said.

With the character of Suna experiencing different emotions in the series, Mina Derman also had an important opportunity to showcase her talents and appeal to the hearts of the audience.

The young actress also said that they got along very well with Doruk Öztürk, who played the character of Shamil in the story of the series.

The actress said, “We got on very well with Doruk, just like everyone else. I also love Doruk. We are having fun shooting our scenes. They also write well. A character that is happy and more reflective of the energy inside has formed,” she said.

Expressing that they are in an intense work tempo, the actress also stated that everything was fine on the set.