Miracle Doctor series 2 season will be much better
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6 October 2022 12:16


Miracle Doctor series 2 season will be much better

Miracle Doctor ‘s two leading actors met in youtube chat. Reha Özcan, who is a guest of Özge Özder’s youtube channel, announced that he is happy to be in the series. Özcan stated that he was very pleased with the set and his actors.

Reha Özcan plays the character of Adil. Özge Özder plays the character of Kıvılcım. Reha Özcan; He drew attention to the scene of Adil expelling Kıvılcım from the hospital.

Stating that they shot this 4-page scene in only 40 minutes, Reha Özcan said that Özge Özder is a very good actress.

Reha Özcan, praising his partner, said: “Shopping with you is so pleasant and easy, you not only play it yourself, you also determine the needs of the player in front of you. It went so well that the director said nothing. ”

Reha Özcan pointed out the importance of shooting the scene in a short time despite the detailed shooting, “One, because I love the project very much. Two, I am happy to work with such actors. Sometimes I read the script, I say” what do we do so hard? “I come to the set, finished in 10 minutes. We works very fondly, plays with a lot of research, “he said.

Underlining that the Miracle Doctor series is a great chance for everyone, Reha Özcan does not want this chance to end in a short time. Hoping that the series will last at least 3-4 seasons, Reha Özcan said: “This is a great chance. I do not want to end this chance quickly. I want to live with this chance for 3-4 years.”

Özge Özder emphasized that she shared the same feelings. Özder thinks that it is not possible to meet the series team quickly with an impulsive decision. Stating that she could not imagine this situation, the actress underlined that there were difficulties due to the shooting in the hospital.

In the environment where the Miracle Doctor’s coronavirus epidemic continues, both players do not find it reasonable to reunite at the hospital and shoot.

Expressing that they think they are closing the first season, Özge Özder said, “My prediction is that we will start the second season after August. We should not worry this one. We need to be like this and we will start much better.”

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