Miracle Doctor series was the big event in Greece!
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5 December 2022 07:54


Miracle Doctor series was the big event in Greece!

Fox TV’s popular series Miracle Doctor was the most successful production of the 2019-2020 season. The series, which broke the rating records, gave the audience a completely different emotion. Taner Ölmez, with the character of Savant syndrome, showed a great acting. Onur Tuna, Reha Özcan, Murat Aygen, Sinem Ünsal, Hazal Türesan and Özge Özder played the leading roles. All the actors were very successful in the characters they portrayed.

This large output index also drew attention in Turkey and abroad. Reha Özcan, who said that the Miracle Doctor series started broadcasting in Greece, gave the good news that they will be live in Kazakhstan soon.

Reha Özcan, who met with his role friend Özge Özder on her youtube program, also said that he received many messages from foreign fans after his overseas sales.

Özcan, “I love it set. Very good team, we are in a very good project. It has money all over the world. It started in Greece last week. We started receiving messages in Greek.”

Stating that he does not speak Arabic, Urdu, Spanish and Italian, Reha Özcan said that the questions generally come from these languages.

Reha Özcan, who also gave the good news that the series will start in Kazakhstan soon, said that the series was an event in Greece and was very popular.

“It is very important to me. I love Greece. It was already very popular in Azerbaijan. It is very popular in all countries. It is very interesting. There are also comments that we love more than the original, we watch more. We find it much more sincere.” he said.

Expressing that Taner Ölmez is a very good actor, Reha Özcan and Özge Özder underlined that he played by putting everyone on the role. Reha Özcan emphasized that he was very happy.

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