Series News Miray Daner manages to enter the soul of the character, the Hudutsuz Sevda series takes wings!

Miray Daner manages to enter the soul of the character, the Hudutsuz Sevda series takes wings!


The series project named Hudutsuz Sevda (Boundless Love), starring Deniz Can Aktaş and Miray Daner, continues to progress by achieving average ratings. Although the first episode was highly criticized for the scene of violence against women, the series experienced a jump in ratings starting from the second episode and managed to achieve strong ratings again in the third episode.

It will not surprise anyone that the series starring Miray Daner as Zeynep is one of the influential projects of this season. The young actress, who showed a very successful performance in the TRT1 series called Kara Tahta last season, displays an acting that pleases her fans in her new series.

The actress, who was talked about a lot on social media as the female lead of the TV series Hudutsuz Sevda, also appeared on the cover of the October issue of Elle Magazine. Miray Daner, dazzling with her beautiful poses in nature, reveals her beauty with the strong energy of being 24 years old.

In addition to her acting identity, one of Miray Daner’s most important characteristics is that she is someone who has high feelings of empathy and sensitivity.

In her statement in the magazine, the actress drew attention to this issue with the following comment: “I think being a sensitive and empathetic person, apart from my identity as an actress, allows me to harmonize more accurately with other souls and women living in other geographies.”

Underlining how important it is for her to integrate with the character in the TV series projects she takes part in, Miray Daner also revealed how seriously she takes her job by saying, “As I integrate with the character, these women do not come out of me, I actually feel like I am living inside them.”