Series News Months after Öykü Karayel, a confession about the Netflix series Bir Başkadır came!

Months after Öykü Karayel, a confession about the Netflix series Bir Başkadır came!


Öykü Karayel, who plays the leading role in Star TV’s Kaderimin Oyunu (My Destiny Game) series, was a guest of the Terrace Noir program broadcast on YouTube. Öykü Karayel, who answered the questions of her colleagues Meriç Aral and Efe Tunçer, made striking statements.

The following question was asked to Öykü Karayel, who is happily married to singer Can Bonomo and became a mother in April 2021: “How did bringing a child into the world affect your creative side?”

She said: “Instinctively, the creative energy starts already during pregnancy. You want to produce something with that open mind. But even during busy set times, we sometimes need to watch empty things to clear our minds. Because even though such an intensity is not a child, it can often erode our creative side.

That’s why I can say that I needed to clear my head without thinking about anything as much as possible. I think that all these experiences will accumulate in the subconscious and emerge in an instant when it is their turn.”

Öykü Karayel, who has been on the agenda for a long time with the character of “Meryem” she portrayed in the TV series Bir Başkadır, made the following confession about the character and series she portrayed; “That person is in me somehow. I don’t know where it’s from, but it’s very familiar and familiar. In this direction, I can say that this job gives a lot of space to it.

On the one hand, there is an undeniable scenario. There are such convenient dialogues about acting that they are determined to the stop points for their partners. In this sense, I can say that it provides convenience in terms of acting. Those who work with Berkun Oya already know that you do not need to change the dialogues because the words fit into the actor’s mouth.

In this sense, the script is a very important thing. I think there are a lot of talented actors, but I don’t think there is enough good work for all of us to stand out. In this sense, I consider myself lucky with this job.”