Murat Yıldırım denied the claim that he would leave the Aziz series and told the truth!
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29 September 2022 02:17


Murat Yıldırım denied the claim that he would leave the Aziz series and told the truth!

When some allegations began to appear in the media that Murat Yıldırım, who played the leading role with Simay Barlas in Show TV’s popular series Aziz, will not be in the new season, the actor felt the need to make a first-hand statement!

Towards the end of the season, the fate of the series was a matter of curiosity. The fact that the players could not find an answer to the question of whether it was a continuation or a final for a long time was also reflected in the statements they made. Finally, Show TV revealed its decision to continue the series with the introduction of the last episode of the season.

With the departure of one of the leading roles, Damla Sönmez, the Aziz series will continue on its way in the new season. But some rumors confused the audience. It has been claimed that Murat Yıldırım will leave the series and that he is not satisfied with the new scenario due to the change of the screenwriter.

Eda Tezcan was writing the first season of the series. A while ago, it was discussed that master screenwriter Eylem Canpolat would take over the story and continue it in the second season. Just after this change, it was claimed that Murat Yıldırım would leave the series.

It was a development that excited the audience that Eylem Canpolat, one of the screenwriters who signed many phenomenal productions, would write the Aziz series. However, the rumor that Murat Yıldırım will leave the series confused them badly!

Eylem Canpolat is a name who first stepped into the sector as the screenwriter of the Gümüş (Silver) series, one of the phenomenon productions of the screen, in 2005. In addition, Sıla is a screenwriter who wrote many unforgettable TV series such as Melekler Korusun, Lale Devri, Yer Gök Aşk, Karadayı and Kara Para Aşk. For this reason, the followers of the series were hopeful of this change and expected to encounter an even stronger story in the new season.

Murat Yıldırım’s allegations of leaving the story with the change of the screenwriter were denied from his own mouth! While the actor responded to the claim that he would not take part in the second season, on his social media account, Eylem Canpolat put the end to the issue and a truth emerged!

While Murat Yıldırım’s statement stated that he would continue the series, he also answered some allegations by emphasizing that he liked Eylem Canpolat’s pen very much and that she also had a dear friend, saying that she had lost her aunt and therefore could not help.

In his statement, the famous actor put an end to all the rumors, specifically stating that the Aziz series will start on August 22 and that he will be present on the set.

While Aziz, shot by O3 Medya, is expected to increase his ratings in the new season with the new actors added to his cast and his story, Murat Yıldırım also drew attention to the words “I can promise you that the Aziz series will return with a brand new and powerful story”…

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