Murat Yıldırım has another project besides the Aziz series!
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26 March 2023 00:25


Murat Yıldırım has another project besides the Aziz series!

Famous actor Murat Yıldırım made a very successful comeback after taking a break from TV series for a long time. The actress, who took the lead role in the Ramo series for two seasons, gave a successful action performance.

After the Ramo series, the actor, who made the new season deal, will take a role in a series called Aziz. The actor, who will portray the character of Aziz Payidar in a historical project, will soon go to Antakya for shooting.

Another project of Murat Yıldırım from the series has emerged. The trailer of the Egyptian movie Mako, in which the actor plays the leading role, has been released.

The trailer of the movie Mako, starring Murat Yıldırım, which tells the true story of the Salem Express ship, which was shot in a giant production in Egypt, sank in 1991 and was buried by 464 people, has been released!

Mohamed Hesham El-Rashidy is the director of the film, which will soon meet its audience in Middle Eastern cinema, and the cast includes the successful actor Murat Yıldırım, Egyptian Menna Fadali, Sarah Elshamy and Nahed Elsebai, and Syrian actor Kosai Khauli

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