Murat Yıldırım will be the representative of the same spirit in the Teşkilat series after Aziz!
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6 December 2022 08:13


Murat Yıldırım will be the representative of the same spirit in the Teşkilat series after Aziz!

Although the Teşkilat (Organization) TV series on TRT1 screen did well in the first season, it suffered from concussions in the second season, both as a story and against a very influential TV series like Yargı (Judgment). The ratings of the series, which started to decrease towards the end of the season, caused it to lose the first place. Of course, the Teşkilat still has millions of fans, and this audience, who is eagerly waiting for the new season, is even more motivated, especially with the arrival of Murat Yıldırım.

After the TV series Ramo and Aziz, Murat Yıldırım’s role in the action style that suits him best, will again be in front of the audience, causing attention to be drawn. While the duo of Murat Yıldırım and Deniz Baysal became the new partners of the Teşkilat series, the story changed completely.

Considering that very important actors such as Çağlar Ertuğrul, Mesut Akusta, Tuncer Salman, Nihat Altınkaya, Ezgi Şenler, Ezgi Eyüboğlu, Hakan Boyav are no longer in the series, it will be understood how important Murat Yıldırım’s presence is.

The harmony of Deniz Baysal and Murat Yıldırım seems to be successful and the most important driving force of the new season will be the strong story of Zehra and Ömer characters. In addition, Murat Yıldırım took part in a role emphasizing national unity and solidarity in the story of Hatay’s participation in the Republic of Turkey in his latest series Aziz.

In fact, since the intelligence agent Ömer character in the Teşkilat TV series is also a character fighting for the same goal, the last two roles of the actor also have overlapping aspects. In other words, the actor will continue the same with Ömer in another story, whatever the spirit of the Aziz character is.

All eyes turned to Murat Yıldırım! The success of the Teşkilat depends on him! Because the fans of the series were motivated by watching very different stories in the first two seasons with a very effective and wide cast.

Now, many important actors and characters have left the series. In addition to Murat Yıldırım, Yunus Emre Yıldırımer, who participated in the series, is expected to attract a lot of attention in the new season.

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