Necip Memili, Cumali of The Pit is the best period of his life
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27 November 2022 16:00


Necip Memili, Cumali of The Pit is the best period of his life

Necip Memili gives life to one of the important characters in The Pit, one of the popular TV series on Monday evenings, which has been meeting with the audience for 4 seasons on Show TV.

Although the famous actor joined the production later, he attracted great attention as Cumali. Recently, we see a very prominent Cumali in the series. It is expected to make the final with the 125th episode of The Pit series. 105 episodes are left behind and the 106th new episode will be released tonight.

Necip Memili enjoys his happy years both in his business and private life. The player, who made an important gain in his career with The Pit, married the love of his life, Didem Dayıcıoğlu, in January. The actors’s daughter, Asya, was born in July, and Memili constantly shares her husband and daughter, who add meaning to her life on social media posts.

Necip Memili shared his Instagram account on Didem Dayıcıoğlu’s birthday. Actually, the actor shows how good his inner peace is and how happy he lives with his shares.

Memili’s birthday message to his wife was as follows:

“Thank you for every moment that passes with you, thank god, good luck, happy birthday my love, my dear wife, my daughter’s mother, happy birthday”

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