Series News Necip Memili will drive the female audience crazy in the TV series Sandık Kokusu!

Necip Memili will drive the female audience crazy in the TV series Sandık Kokusu!


The starring role of Demet Akbağ and Özge Özpirinçci in the Show TV series called Sandık Kokusu (The Smell of the Chest), which stands out as the story of a mother and her daughter, caused excitement for the fans of the series.

You will also watch Necip Memili in the strong cast of the series. Necip Memili, with the character of Reha in the TV series Sandık Kokusu, which appeals especially to female viewers, will portray a role that will greatly disturb female viewers.

The actor said, “It is a mother-daughter story, a generation story, a family conflict story. Each character has very different, very carefully crafted aspects. He shared his excitement by saying, “We can’t wait to meet the audience.”

Nezaket Coşkun is the director of the series, produced by O3 Media and written by Melis Civelek and Zeynep Gür.

Necip Memili, who plays the character of Reha in the TV series “Sandık Kokusu”, gave information about her character and the details of the series.

Stating that they will watch a family drama on Show TV, Memili said the following about his character: “Reha is married to Karsu and is the father of three children. While he was looking for very different things in his life, he suddenly found himself in a house with children with the woman he loved. We will watch Reha as a man who is fed up with this, who is estranged from his wife’s attention and love, who looks for life elsewhere, who is upset with his wife because of this, and who makes life miserable for her.”

The actor stated that he was impressed first by the script and then by the cast and said:

“It is a very well-written script. It’s very dramatic, it has many beautiful moments. Secondly, of course, the cast, I play with very good actors and actresses. Demet Akbağ, Özge Özpirinçci, Metin Akdülger and my other actor friends are very talented, very important actors and actresses, and this was one of the biggest factors that led me to this job. “I can say this for the attractive aspects of the project.”

The actor also said the following about the difficult preparation and shooting processes:

“Reading rehearsals, costume and make-up rehearsals were held for 1-2 weeks, and we shot the first 12 days of the series in Adana, because it starts with the story of a family from Adana. Actually, let me say that I am the head of a family from Adana. Karsu comes to me from Istanbul, gets married and starts living there, and has three children. When her life becomes completely different after her child disappears, she returns to Istanbul. The preparation and shooting process went very well. We work with a very good team. Our courtesy director is very sweet, very good, very careful and careful. Because we want to show our viewers a very enjoyable, very good drama.”

Necip Memili, who conveys what awaits the audience without spoiling the surprises, believes that the Sandık Kokusu series, in which crucial events will take place in each episode and will be talked about a lot with the episode finales, will be a long-running and enjoyable series for everyone.

The highly anticipated “Sandık Kokusu” will be on Show TV on Wednesday, December 6, at 20.00.