Neither Engin Akyürek, nor Engin Öztürk nor Kerem Bürsin! The new king Berker Güven!
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25 March 2023 14:11


Neither Engin Akyürek, nor Engin Öztürk nor Kerem Bürsin! The new king Berker Güven!

Flame Of Fate falls out of sight, Berker Güven is dazzling! Flame Of Fate continues to be broadcast on Show TV screens on Thursday evenings. The series was one of the flash productions of this season. It also held on well to the Thursday competition… However, this situation has changed in recent weeks. On Thursdays, when Bitter Lands and A Miracler series dominate, Flame Of Fate loses viewers every week.

The innovations made in the script for the recovery of the series, which has almost started to fall into disrepute, and the participation of Sahra Şaş and Bora Cengiz in the story have not yet yielded a result. Berker Güven, who gives life to the character of İskender in the series, rises in social media … It shines on the screen once again after Ruthless City …

The impressive acting exhibited by Berker Güven in the series, thousands of posts made by his fans on social media do not go unnoticed recently… Somera company, which makes social media analysis, also attracted attention with the sharing of Berker Güven that proves this rise.

Between February 15 and March 15, 2021, it was revealed that the most popular male actor in social media was “Berker Güven” in a 1-month period. 1 million 848 thousand 720 messages were shared in 1 month. With this number of posts, Berker Güven has attracted much more attention than even Engin Akyürek, the Sancar Efe of his closest rival, The Ambassador’s Daughter.

Engin Öztürk, who we watch with the character of Barış in My Home My Destiny, is in third place in the ranking. Öztürk entered the list later, but it is progressing steadily …

Kerem Bürsin, Serkan of the series Love Is In The Air, came fourth, while Feyyaz Duman, who rose with Nazım in the series Nehir, came in fifth.

While the series Flame Of Fate fell in the ratings, Berker Güven’s awesome social media outlet is a result of the actor’s own talents.

Güven, who successfully portrayed a reverse corner role, also had a noticeable success in social media.

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