Nerves are getting worse in the Abandoned
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4 February 2023 08:10


Nerves are getting worse in the Abandoned

The new episode of the Abandoned series, which is broadcast on the Fox TV screen on Friday evenings, comes with important events. On the evening of November 27, you will watch scenes showing how big a responsibility it is to be a mother and father.

The characters of Mahir and Gülay, played by Erdal Beşikçioğlu and Selen Öztürk, found his son Ali Kaan, whom they thought they lost for 8 years. However, the little boy will not accept that they are their real family, under the influence of the woman who raised him. The trauma experienced will not be so easy.

In the story of the series, the couple Mahir and Gülay, who have not met for Ali Kaan for years, have to become parents again. It is curiously expected how this will affect the relationship between Mahir and Ayşegül. Many TV fans are against the relationship between Ayşegül and Mahir, played by Burcu Özberk.

Even the kissing of the two characters brought a great wave of criticism on social media. In addition, fans of the drama state that they can’t get this scene out of their mind and it is a situation that makes it cooler. Series followers and screenwriters also send a message and advise them not to force this relationship in the story.

Mahir, who chooses to live in the same house with Gülay in the 8th new episode of the Abandoned series, tells Ayşegül that they will not be husband and wife againb This detail was enough to disturb the audience again. You can see many audience comments on social media stating that the anger of the characters of Ayşegül and Mahir has annoyed their love affairs.

So what will you watch in the 8th episode of the Abandoned TV series? Here are the details: The sweet dream that started with Mahir and Gülay’s reunion with their son after eight years turns into a nightmare when the child’s secret plan with the mother who raised him is revealed.

This new struggle they entered for their sons while the wounds of the eight years have not yet been healed brings Mahir to a serious crossroads soon after. He is not yet aware that the path he chose to become the father of his son shattered Mavi’s innocent dreams and led the little girl to the wrong of her life.

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