Neslihan Atagül did a great job, are you aware?
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30 March 2023 03:55


Neslihan Atagül did a great job, are you aware? / Special Analysis- TV series come and go, so are roles. Neslihan Atagül knows this fact well. She is aware of how fast time flows. Nobody knows whether the masses that admire her will stand with her years later. Although admiration is a strong bond, it is essential to take steps to support it.

Here Neslihan Atagül started to do exactly that. She decided to address the people who follow her not only with her acting skills on the screen, but also with her ideas in real life.

Neslihan Atagül, who is trying to transform the communication based on virtual characters in the series into communication based on ideas in real life, started to separate from many famous names at this point.

Neslihan Atagül, who wants to approach her fans not only with her role skills, but also with her thought power and philosophy towards life, makes this target feel more and more every day.

Starting with the digital magazine project called Hadsiz, the actress started a war against the borders surrounding people and preventing them from developing. Strengthening the belief in freedom, Neslihan Atagül speaks a new word to millions of people who are stuck in her own shell.

The actress’s digital magazine project called Hadsiz actually seems to be a tool to achieve this goal. But there is another detail. Neslihan Atagül presents the signs that she will give messages in accordance with this new target in her social media posts.

She, who has 9.6 million followers, is aware of the power she has. She, who made a sharing the day before, attracted attention with the white shirt she wore, and her message was clear.

The actress, saying “Let me talk a little bit,” began using social media to reinforce her new goal.

Kadir Doğulu also offers his wife an important support in this way and always stands by her.

The famous actress, who we watch as Nare in The Ambassador’s Daughter series, is not alone in this relentless struggle against the borders surrounding people.

More than 1 million people liked the last share of the actress. Many famous names are unlikely to reach such an interaction. Neslihan Atagül has already won the hearts of millions with her naturalness and sincerity. Now she wants to strengthen this achievement by instilling new ideas to those who follow her.

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