Neslihan Atagül's morning sleepiness! Bravo to the fan who drew Nesrin Cavadzade! Unfaithful joy of Özge Özder!
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28 January 2023 15:31


Neslihan Atagül’s morning sleepiness! Bravo to the fan who drew Nesrin Cavadzade! Unfaithful joy of Özge Özder!

Let’s take a look at the latest posts of 3 actresses, followed by their fans with their TV series and Instagram posts… Neslihan Atagül is in the first place. As it is known, the actress left the TV series The Ambassador’s Daughter a while ago due to her illness.

After her sudden departure from the series on Star TV, she began to be treated because of the illness she experienced. The player with leaky bowel syndrome is better off now.

The actress also shows her status by making occasional posts for her fans who are curious about her. In her latest post, it is a photo of a moment when she just woke up in the morning and went in front of the mirror.

The actress gave the first pose of the day and greeted her fans while trying to open their eyes with a little morning sleep, with the note “Good morning”.

Nesrin Cavadzade, who is on the agenda with the character of Şahika in the TV series Forbidden Fruit, shared a drawing of a fan on the Instagram page.

The fan, who drew the pose he gave with her cat, almost likened the actress. Nesrin Cavadzade also published the drawing that she liked very much.

According to her, the drawing of her cat was also very successful… Here is the post:

Özge Özder is happy to return to the TV series Unfaithful. The actress gave birth to her daughter Eva Luna on February 14 and took a break from the series for a while.

After about 5 weeks of separation, Özge Özder returned to the TV series Unfaithful again and took part in the new episode that aired last night.

The actress announced once again that the producer company of the series, Med Productions, returned by publishing the post on her own page.

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