Series News Neslihan Atagül’s new series is in trouble

Neslihan Atagül’s new series is in trouble


You know Endless Love series, Neslihan Atagül’s reputation spread all over the world.

Ilker Kaleli Actor One of Turkey’s most important …

Neslihan Atagül and İlker Kaleli are shooting a new series.

The name of the directory to be published on the Internet is ‘Depht’ …

The trailer of the series was recently released

However, the audience was not very satisfied with the presentation.

Posta writer Mesut Yar, commented:

“I do not understand anything …

I watched the trailer for the “Depth” directory to be released on Puhu TV.

The trailer is just like an image parade of “black movies”.

Depth does not give a clue about the business. It’s just that everyone is “troubled.”

It’s like a human guinea pig ready to go into a psychiatric experiment. ”

Here is the introduction of The Depht:

The directory is like this:

Sahir, who works in the Istanbul Police Department, is tasked with abandoning the persons who attempted suicide.

Sahir, with a notice on his phone, he found Bilge.

Bilge is a mysterious science woman full of wise, secrets of life …

When you meet the wise, the doors of a new and dangerous world are opened in front of Sahir.

Behind this door, which is on the brink of the double, every secret has a new secret.

In this great battle, in which they are embraced, both the Prophet and the Wise will support each other and will co-encompass their wounds.