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18 August 2022 10:32


Nesrin Cavadzade is not happy to compete with her lover Gökhan Alkan in the ratings!

Nesrin Cavadzade is experiencing the excitement of the Üç Kuruş series, which she has just started… Nesrin Cavadzade, who plays the character of Bahar, appeared before her fans again with her new series after her performance of Yasak Elma, which lasted for 4 seasons.

While Nesrin Cavadzade was competing with her old TV series, she also started a rating competition with Kalp Yarası series starring her lover Gökhan Alkan. The actress, who did not hide that she was excited, said that they wanted everyone to watch and increase their ratings.

The actress said, “I don’t have rating concerns, our producer has it. I just want to do a good job. May it find its place in people’s hearts. I want it to find its place in your memory. Otherwise, this is not a rating concern,” she said.

Nesrin Cavadzade said that she aims to be liked by the audience with a story that touches her as well.

The famous actress had recently gone to Antakya to see her lover Gökhan Alkan. The actress, who is away from her lover due to the shooting of Kalp Yarası series here, visits Kalp Yarası set from time to time.

The broadcast of the TV series Kalp Yarası and Üç Kuruş on Monday evenings made the two rivals in the ratings. However, Nesrin Cavadzade is not satisfied with the situation that they are in a rivalry with her lover Gökhan Alkan.

Nesrin Cavadzade said, “She has been there for the last 6 months. I visit occasionally. They have really good food. He has a TV show tonight, I have a TV show too. We are not each other’s rivals, we are on the same side,” she said.

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