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18 August 2022 08:37


Nesrin Cavadzade showed the new surprise of Üç Kuruş on social media!

The Üç Kuruş series, broadcast on Show TV screens on Monday evenings, brought the audience together with a visual show with last week’s episode! The wedding of Kartal and Bahar in the Roman neighborhood in the series was held with a legendary festival.

Romans’ wedding ceremonies are, as everyone knows, extremely gaudy, colorful and ostentatious. The outfits are exaggerated, beyond the rush, colorful and almost a show is brought to life at weddings.

A similar situation occurred in the Üç Kuruş series. The wedding, which was held with the family traditions of Kartal, who was trying to get rid of the mafia by marrying Nezih’s daughter Bahar, was the scene that was watched with excitement on the screen.

Bahar’s flamboyant dress with a long tail and her interesting headdress made the audience smile. Moreover, the interesting things did not stop there, and Bahar was put on a camel with her flamboyant outfit.

These moments in the series attracted attention as scenes that made the on-screen smile and excitedly watched. The detail of the camel excited Nesrin Cavadzade, who was riding a camel, as well as those who followed the series.

This time, the actress showed another surprise after the camel detail in new episodes with a social media post he made. This time, Nesrin Cavadzade, who joked with the baby bears, shared her image on Instagram.

The actress announced that after the camel in the series last week, the baby bears will appear on the screen this week. Having fun with the bear cubs, the actress said, “I wish all animals were free. It hurts my heart to see them like this,” she also reveals that she is sorry for the condition of the bears in the cage.

Let’s see what kind of scene we will watch Nesrin Cavadzade with these little bear cubs in the new episode of the series?

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