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7 July 2022 01:16


Never-ending honeymoon from actress Deniz Uğur…

Actress Deniz Uğur shared the lead role with Fikret Kuşkan and Mine Tugay in Kanal D’s Zalim İstanbul series, which was broadcast in 2019-2020 and said goodbye to the screens with its 39th episode.

In June, the actress married Erdinç Gülener, who played her husband in the TV series Bir Deli Sevda in 2017, and is currently enjoying the marriage.

The couple, who got married in a simple ceremony in Gökçeada, shared their happy poses with their followers after the wedding. In her last post, the actress shared a photo frame where she had dinner with her husband and said, “Pleasure of the rain!”.

Deniz Uğur’s followers commented on “You are so beautiful!”, “Looks full of love”. Erdinç Gülener, who starred with Deniz Uğur in the TV series Bir Deli Sevda 4 years ago, said in the interview he gave at that time, “For example, we play husband and wife with Deniz and I feel very comfortable. I can understand what Deniz will do. We can communicate without speaking,” he said.

Deniz Uğur frequently shares her photos with her children on his Instagram account, and Uğur’s fondness for her children receives commendable comments from her followers.

Deniz Uğur has a son named Engin Deniz from her first marriage. The actress has twin children, Mina and Poyraz, from her relationship with former newscaster Reha Muhtar. The final state of the actress’ children surprised those who saw it. It did not go unnoticed that the children exceeded their mother’s height.

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