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6 July 2022 20:24


New actress in The Ambassador’s Daughter

26 episodes of The Ambassador’s Daughter series, which meet with the audience on the Star TV screen, are left behind. In the story of the series that continues to this day, the character of Akın had a great place. He was the villain of the story and caused great problems with Sancar and Nare.

Sancar, who survived the war with Akın, was reunited with Nare and Melek … It was also noted as an important development that the Sancar character now ends up with Nare, even after the criticism of violence against women … We witness that his reaction also diminishes.

With the sending of Menekşe from home, the departure of Akın and the change of Sancar, the series The Ambassador’s Daughter took a different path. This change in Sancar enabled Nare to approach him more strongly.

After Zerrin Sümer joined the series, with the arrival of Deniz Işın, the series The Ambassador’s Daughter gained two new characters. Deniz Işın joins the production as Akın’s half-brother. Viewers did not welcome the new villain of the series.

“Also, Akın’s brother was missing. “Where did you come from?”

Focusing on what Akın’s brother would bring Sancar and Nare to, the fans of the series worried that they would wrap the movie back to the head. Let us remind you that no matter how ridiculous they find, there is a fan base that cannot give up the show.

Here are the first images from the 27th episode of the series, which will air on Monday, November 9:

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