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6 July 2022 02:22


New development regarding Fahriye Evcen’s claim of separation from Alparslan series!

The claim that Fahriye Evcen, the leading actress of the Alparslan TV series, which was screened on TRT 1, was going to leave the production. A new information about this claim will change the direction of the developments.

Fahriye Evcen shares the lead role with Barış Arduç in the Alparslan series, which appears on TRT 1 screen on Monday evenings. The series, which did not come down from the first place in the ratings, has achieved great success.

However, a claim that has been made recently has cast a shadow over the success of the Alparslan series. According to this claim, Fahriye Evcen, who played Akça Hatun in the Alparslan series, who will make the season finale in the 27th episode, would leave the series and would not take part in the second season.

However, another claim made today changed the course of events. Accordingly, Fahriye Evcen and the producer of the series, Akli Film, have reached an agreement again. In other words, Fahriye Evcen will continue her role as Akça Hatun in the second season. However, no official statement was made.

It was rumored that the actress would leave the TV series signed by Akli Film due to the end of her role. There were also rumors that Fahriye Evcen made a one-season deal with the producer. This confused the viewers of the Alparslan series.

In the meantime, it is said that Barış Arduç, who plays Alparslan, will appear in front of the camera for the second season of the Club series, whose first season is broadcast on Netflix, after the season finale of the series. Whether these claims are true or not will be revealed in the coming days.

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