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6 July 2022 14:27


New look of Vahide Perçin

Last week, the character of Hünkar said goodbye to the series with a death that shocked everyone in the Bitter Lands series. Of course, with this ending, the master actor Vahide Perçin, who played Hünkar, left the series. In fact, the news that Perçin wanted to leave at the beginning of the season was reflected in the media.

The intense work tempo of the TV series shot in Adana had begun to force the master actor. Vahide Perçin, who had health problems for a while and recovered afterwards, started to act in the Bitter Lands series while making plans to settle in Foça.

However, the news that the player could not stand the difficult set conditions and wanted to leave was reflected in the media. As a result, the character of Hünkar left the series. Hünkar, who was stabbed by Behice, played by Esra Dermancıoğlu, died.

The audience is not happy that Hünkar is leaving. There are even many viewers who comment on social media, “Bitter Lands is over with the death of Hünkar for me.

But the series will continue with new characters and new stories. It is estimated that Vahide Perçin will rest for a while and will not take part in another project.

Meanwhile, the actress appeared in the social media posts after the shooting of the series was over. It was seen for the first time with these photographs that Vahide Perçin had her long hair cut.

Here is the new look of the actress …

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