Series News New love in the Back Streets series

New love in the Back Streets series


One of the names not included in the 14th episode of Back Streets series was Özlem Çınar. The fans, who played the character of Aylin, put great pressure on their social media to return to the series. The love of Aylin and Hakan characters has also been on the show for a long time. However, when Aylin left, a new love subject was written to Hakan… This will make the fans of Aylin character crazy.

Back Streets In Episode 554, Bahar and Hakan wake up hugged at the end of the night they drink! A new spark of love is shining between Bahar, played by Merve Oflaz and Hakan, played by Ozan Çobanoğlu …

The 14th season of the series will end in a few episodes. Hakan and Bahar love can only be seen in the 15th episode. In the new season of the series, it was revealed that the new love story will be based on the characters of Hakan and Bahar.

What happened between Hakan and Bahar in the 554th episode published on Friday, May 29, is as follows: The gang, which hangs on the bars that are closed due to coronavirus, makes binge with their drinks. The team collapses this gang in an operation and seizes the drinks they steal. Some of these drinks are in Hakan’s car.

Bahar is also with Hakan. When Bahar and Hakan come home, they want to celebrate the operation and drink some of the drinks. The night continues well and Bahar and Hakan get closer. Bahar and Hakan sleep in the same bed with the effect of alcohol. When they wake up in the morning, they find themselves walking around.