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12 August 2022 14:08


New phenomenon character found for Show TV, Sadi Payaslı!

Show TV screen has a large audience waiting for the first episode of the series “Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi” (Come life as it knows), which will be broadcast on Thursday, July 21st. The trailers of the series are so impressive that it should not be surprising that the story bears the signature of Gani Müjde.

Ertan Saban will be on the screen again with the character of Sadi Payaslı, a character that can become a phenomenon. Will the strong social media interactions of “Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi”, which Show TV is considering for the summer season but aiming to keep on air in the winter season, have a positive impact on the ratings of the series? In general, the strong interaction on social media is not reflected in the ratings.

However, many people started to feel that Ertan Saban’s new role is likely to become a phenomenon, even before the series started. We can say that the expectations of the audience are high for Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi, which seems to be the most different and ambitious project of the summer period.

Ertan Saban, the master actor of the new series produced by BKM, will drag the viewers to different emotions. The fact that Sadi Payaslı, who has a dirty past but tries to get rid of this past, takes a step into a completely different life as a high school teacher reveals the difference of the story. Gani Müjde’s signature also excites the audience about the originality of the script.

The protagonist of “Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi”, a striking drama whose project was designed and scripted by Gani Müjde, is Sadi Payaslı, who left his dirty past behind and became a confessor and started a new life as a geography teacher by entering the witness protection program as a result of his cooperation with the police.

Payaslı, who is very different from other teachers with his unshakable sense of justice and extraordinary methods, will move the stones at Karabayır High School! Sadi Payaslı, who crossed paths with five youngsters Mert, Zülfikar, Can, Melek and Aylin, who came to high school from the reformatory at school, will be the guardian angel of these young people who have just started their life with zero loss!

Sadi Payaslı, who came to Istanbul with Songül, the unruly police officer of the public security branch, from Ankara to Istanbul, meets his lover Derya, whom he left behind, albeit unintentionally, 17 years ago, but never forgot, and his life will turn into a dead end.

Ertan Saban, Özge Özberk, Devrim Özkan, Nilsu Berfin Aktaş, Mustafa Açalan, Özgü Delikanlı, Ayşe Kırca, Sanem Babi are in the cast of “Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi,” directed by Altan Dönmez, the project design and script of which belongs to Gani Müjde.

Experienced and young names such as Onur Özer, Rojbin Erden, Ali Berge, Furkan Murat Uğur, Murat Göçmez are together.

Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi series begins on Thursday, July 21 at 20:00 on SHOW TV.

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