Artists News New projects one after the other from Defne Kayalar, the Peri of the TV series Bir Başkadır!

New projects one after the other from Defne Kayalar, the Peri of the TV series Bir Başkadır!


Defne Kayalar, who is experiencing the brightest period of her acting career, is on the agenda with serials that will be broadcast on digital platforms one after another after “Bir Başkadır”. Explaining that she both loves and criticizes the characters she acts, Kayalar says that each character opens up new fields of inquiry for her.

Speaking to Milliyet Sanat, the famous actress said, “This is a very enjoyable thing, it is a very necessary thing to understand people, to understand the world and society you live in. They give you ready-made material, so that you can examine it. That’s why I love my job so much.”

Defne Kayalar, in her acting career, which started after working in many fields from producer to screenwriter, exhibits a rising success rate in every job. Called “Medcezir Sedef” on the street on the way out, Kayalar became one of the most talked about actors of the last year with her role as psychologist Peri in Berkun Oya’s “Bir Başkadır” series.

Now, for the successful actress, who appeared before the audience as Beril in the “Affair” adaptation “Saklı”, a year filled with very different characters begins with the waiting Netflix series “Kuş Uçuşu” and the movie “Aniden” directed by Melisa Özer.

Defne Kayalar, who starred with Hazar Ergüçlü and Fırat Çelik in “Saklı”, adapted and directed by Deniz Akçay, talks about her colleagues with praise while describing the set was very advantageous for her. mentions what it offers.

Kayalar, who believes that people should evaluate the chances that come their way by believing and working in themselves, explained that she learned a lot from the working style of Uğur Yücel, whom she worked as her assistant.

The actress said, “The basis of how you should approach a text when you get your hands on it was established there. “This is an experience that cannot be obtained anywhere else,” she said.

The successful actress, who has worked with many masters, states that Berkun Oya also spares a lot of time, believes and puts a lot of effort into her. Defne Kayalar’s approach to acting says, “I should not be afraid at all because my work is on this; not to be afraid, not be afraid and show what you have,” she says.

Defne Kayalar said that raising a child reminds us to experience emotions as they come from within. I said, ‘It won’t be like this from now on, I’ll laugh as I feel like.