Series News New tv series from the NehirErdoğan!

New tv series from the NehirErdoğan!


Kanal D in Turkey begins a new tv series.

NehirErdogan is in the leading role. The actress hasn’t been playing in the series for a long time. Last season, she played a short role in the Fi series. Fans missed her, too.

ÖzgürcanÇevik, EmirBerkeZincidi, BurakHakkı and other leading actors …

Part 1 of the series “MemoCan Twins” will be published on October 27, Saturday.

The series is the story of two children’s lives crossing the path of two children …

Memo lives with her mother, grandmother and his beloved uncle ÇilingirOsman.

Memo’s is a poor life. Family is connected to each other with great love.

Memo; sells paper balls, scrap balls, handkerchiefs …

On the other hand, Can, who has a rich family, is living in a big castle. Can is happy with his father and grandfather, but is in great solitude.

Can, solid rules, discipline and living without experiencing childhood.