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7 July 2022 04:40


No step back for Maraşlı from ATV, farewell announcement from Burak Deniz!

The famous actor Burak Deniz, who gave life to the character of Celal Kün in the Maraşlı TV series, became a good couple with Alina Boz. The duo, which is shown as one of the most successful TV series couples, has been at the top of social media for a long time.

The Maraşlı series changed days due to the arrival of the Heart Wound series. The 24th episode of the series will be broadcast on Tuesday, June 29. Burak Deniz’s statement for the series, which is stated to be final in the 26th episode, also drew attention.

Encountering with members of the press, the actor made a brief statement in the vehicle. When asked about the final decision of the series, the famous actor said, “The finale at 26, it was said that it was the last 3 episodes. We will just start the last 2 episodes,” he said.

Burak Deniz also said that he will have new projects, but he will go to Italy for the series “Ignorant Fairies” directed by Ferzan Özpetek.

The actor said, “A job came to Disney Plus under the direction of Ferzan Özpetek. I will go to Rome for this. I’ll be there for about a month, then I’ll take care of things when I return. There are works that I am currently studying,” he said.

When asked about what he would do in Rome and what kind of project he came up with, Burak Deniz said: “This is a job Ferzan Özpetek’s film Ignorant Periler did for an 8-episode Disney Plus. It will be an 8 episode series. I will be there for the last 4 episodes of it.”

Burak Deniz added that in the summer, when he finds time with his lover Didem Soydan, they will take a vacation and continue their work.

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