No vacation for Can Yaman! He runs from set to set!
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4 February 2023 09:00


No vacation for Can Yaman! He runs from set to set!

Can Yaman, who made a quick return to the screens with the Early Bird series and changed his appearance with hard sports work, is now on the agenda with the Mr. Wrong series, which is screened on Fox TV. The actor plays the character of Özgür in the series he starred with Özge Gürel.

Millions of Turkish and foreign fans of Can Yaman follow him with interest on social media. Can Yaman, whose TV series have been broadcast in many countries, has also managed to become a very popular actor, especially in Italy. He who is among the popular names of the recent period, is on Fox TV every week with the Mr.Wrong series.

It seems that the actor does not have a lot of rest after the intense shooting. He also takes part in different shootings such as commercials and magazines as well as series shootings. Therefore, the player’s free time is also full of different projects.

The actor appeared in front of the lens for another shot. He shared his selfie between shots and dropped the note “Our life is shooting”, referring to his busy days.

Whether Can Yaman is in front of the camera for a new project or a magazine is a matter of curiosity. In the coming days, details on the subject will definitely emerge.

Here is the sharing of the actor:

Our life is shooting

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