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13 August 2022 00:01


No way! Hearing the new love prediction in the Yargı series is standing still!

The popular TV series on Sunday evenings, Yargı, will be on the screen with its 18th episode this week. The exciting scenario of the series manages to attract the audience to the screen with interesting developments every week. It is getting harder and harder to predict what will happen in the series, which has been watched with excitement since the first episode!

Kaan Urgancıoğlu and Pınar Deniz, the lead actors of Yargı, which has a game situation within the play, give their roles due to both their screen harmony and their successful acting. However, the side characters of the series also act so well that they often steal roles from the leading roles skillfully.

While the acting in the series is followed with great admiration, the course of the story leaves the audience alone with different questions every week. This triggers curiosity and increases excitement. Yargı series, which is the favorite of Kanal D with its ratings, also manages to be among the most talked about series of the week.

In the episode aired last week, the answer to the question of Engin’s murderer was sought again. The killer was not found, but the suspects began to be eliminated! While Laçin came to the fore, some facts that emerged raised the guesses that Engin’s murderer might be someone else.

Meanwhile, one of the murderer candidates was Engin’s lawyer aunt, Seda. A scene between Seda, brought to life by Nergis Öztürk’s successful performance, and Prosecutor Pars, played by Mehmet Yılmaz Ak, one of the acclaimed actors of the series, attracted great attention.

After this scene, which surprised the followers of the series, comments and predictions began to be made on the social media. Prosecutor Pars, who also contradicts her sister Neva in order not to stray from the scales of justice, also copes with Seda’s cunning tricks.

Seda invited Prosecutor Pars to his hotel to give some information about Engin’s murder. However, Pars did not go, thinking that this situation could be processed against him in some way. Upon Seda’s insistence, he invited her to his home. With her usual sarcastic tone and brave attitude, Seda surprised the audience with her courtship to Pars.

Seda cornered him with his words implying that he was not indifferent to Pars. Pars resisted Seda, who was trying to seduce him, but the strange situations of these two, who never thought to come together, “I wonder if a new love is born?” It brought questions with it.

It is not known whether such a union will really occur in the following episodes, but it points out that Pars will not fall into this trap, despite Seda’s extremely cunning and sincere bargain. Still, the screenwriter can also make a big flip.

After this short scene in the 17th episode, it also revealed the audience’s desire to see this unpredictable duo together. In the comments made, positive messages are already given for the love of Pars and Seda. Let’s see how the love of Pars and Seda, whose dialogues continue with another clever move, will be greeted after the love of Ilgaz and Ceylin.

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