Nobody expected this farewell in The Pit!
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25 March 2023 13:28


Nobody expected this farewell in The Pit!

The Pit, which has become the second most watched series of Monday evenings, still continues to impress with its high ratings. The series is no longer the master of Mondays after the Awakening Great Seljuks broadcast on TRT1 met with the audience last week.

98 episodes of the series, which continues its 4th season, are left behind. The Pit audience had to say goodbye to another character last night. Meral Çetinkaya, who made a strong impression with the character of Ülfet in Bride of Istanbul, later displayed a strong performance with the character Makbule in The Pit series.

Makbule, who was shot and killed by the character Efsun, played by Damla Sönmez, joined the many names who said goodbye to the series The Pit. The actress, who was few in the series, still exhibited his mastery with her effective performance.

A farewell message to the famous actress Meral Çetinkaya was published on the social media account of the series. The message read: It would be fine if you hadn’t been among the lovers. Goodbye, Wish…

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