Nurgül Yeşilçay shared a picture with her brother
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27 March 2023 13:26


Nurgül Yeşilçay shared a picture with her brother

Famous actress Nurgül Yeşilçay is among the names who use social media effectively. While the actress reveals her humorous personality with her posts, she makes her smile with some comments she made on her photographs as well as her sincere and natural states.

TT even managed to become TT with her nephew, Buse Çelik, wearing and using the pose like the commercial photograph taken for a brand. The photographs and videos of Yeşilçay reflecting her home state, taken with her lover Necati Kocabay and her son Nejat, also bring joyful moments to her followers.

Meanwhile, Nurgül Yeşilçay is preparing to return to the screens with Fox TV’s new series Redemption. The actress, who stands in front of the camera with Mert Fırat and Yurdaer Okur, will make her cry with new series while laughing on social media. Yeşilçay, who will play a mother in the drama series,

She also starred in a TV series called Wild Things for Acun Ilıcalı’s new digital platform Exxen. In June, Yeşilçay stated that the shootings were in an interview. So this year will both make you laugh and cry.

Those who follow Nurgül Yeşilçay’s family on social media know how fond they are. The actress, who is from Izmir, also supports her brothers in their business life. Her nephew Buse Çelik also became an actress.

In addition, Tuğtekin Yeşilçay follows his sister’s path with the boy. Although he is not an actor, he works as an executive producer behind the camera in TV series, movies and commercials.

Yeşilçay shares her photos from time to time. Who knows, but when you look at the last photo of the two, it is once again striking how similar they are. The eye is almost the same.

Here is a photo of the two brothers. Let’s see if you agree.

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