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6 July 2022 07:30


NurgülYeşilçay lost weight

The famous actress NurgülYesilcay, who spoke with the kilograms she gave, shared her last appearance from her social media account.

NurgülYeşilçay, who was a member of the jury in a contest program, went to the object for the program shooting.

A while ago, so the team is traveling around the Turkey elections for the contestants, passed in front of the lens on the day we left behind.

NurgülYeşilçay, who is a sportsman who is intensely interested in getting rid of her excess weight, showed that she reached for the purpose of making a note on a picture she shared.

She, who has been a fit body, does not want to return to her old image again; “If I lose weight again, do not trip, do not talk, do something cool …”

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