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O Hayat Benim is a Turkish-made drama and love television series signed by Pastel Film, directed by Merve Girgin, Yıldız Hülya Bilban, Hamdi Alkan and Sadullah Şentürk, with a screenplay by Gül Abus Semerci, Yelda Eroğlu, Can Sinan, Ali Ercivan, Serdar Soydan and Yekta Torun.

The series starring Ezgi Asaroğlu, Ceren Moray and Keremcem was a very impressive drama production. Although he was widely criticized for his intrigues, he appealed to a wide audience. The adventure of the series, which remained on the screen with 131 episodes, lasted for 4 seasons. The series also attracted great attention abroad. Sold to 36 countries in total, O Hayat Benim was a great success.

Fox TV
Producer: Pastel Film
Genre: Drama- Love
Release Date: February 16, 2014 – May 2, 2017
Venue: Istanbul
Duration: 110 -170 minutes
Music: ENC
Leading roles: Ezgi Asaroğlu, Ceren Moray, Keremcem
Cast: Sinan Albayrak, Oya Başar,Cem Özer, Ahu Sungur, Ozan Güler, Ayşenaz Atakol, Zerrin Sümer, Neslihan Acar, Nesime Alış, Ayçin İnci, Aybüke Pusat, Beril Kayar, Erdal Cindoruk, Bahar Şahin, Yeşim Ceren Bozoğlu, İclal Aydın, Cem Kılıç, Zeynep Eronat, Birgül Ulusoy, Nurşim Demir, Didem İnselel, Gülsen Tuncer, Şan Bingö, Güzide Arslan, Turgay Aydın, Süleyman Atanısev, Larissa Gacemer.


The social media accounts of the series were actively used at the time of its publication. Fragments, photos from the series and various information were shared from all accounts. On the Youtube channel, you can find both short scenes and all the episodes and trailers.

Official website: Benim/


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The O Hayat Benim series, which was broadcast with the slogan “If it’s about life and love, never surrender to fate” and left its mark on a period, took its place among the unforgettable series. There was a lot of criticism about the scenario for the series, which continued for 4 seasons. The most common criticism was that the drama and intrigue were greatly exaggerated and unrealistic. However, let us remind you that it lasted 131 episodes and was followed by a very large audience.


Mehmet Emir and Hasret are two young people in love with each other. However, Hasret’s father, Yusuf, objects to their marriage. When his daughter’s pregnancy is revealed, he goes crazy and separates the two young people, and tells Mehmet Emir that Hasret is dead.

When Hasret gives birth, the baby is taken from her hand. Yusuf delivers the baby to his assistant İlyas to raise it. Her name is Bahar, İlyas has another baby named Efsun. İlyas and his wife Nuran raise Efsun and Bahar as sisters.

Twenty years pass. Yusuf, out of guilt, decides to take Bahar to his father, Mehmet Emir. Bahar, who grew up in the slum, will finally find her ‘real life’. She is the sole heir to wealth she could not even imagine. Bahar will live in the mansions, travel on yachts, and study at the best schools. In short, she will have a dazzling life with its shine. However, fate does not allow this, everything turns upside down in an instant. Not only Bahar’s but also everyone’s life will no longer be the same as before.


Player (Character)

Ezgi Asaroğlu (Bahar Demirci) is a 21 year old beautiful girl. Kind, sincere, well-intentioned. She likes to make people happy. Bahar is actually the daughter of Mehmet Emir Atahan. She knows neither her mother, Hasret, nor her real father, Mehmet Emir. She lives with Nuran and İlyas, whom her grandfather Yusuf entrusted as soon as she was born. Nuran is known as her mother, and İlyas as her father. She could not live her real life because of her sister Efsun and her stepmother Nuran, who stole her life. When she learned the truth in episode 62, she got a little sick and worn out. She couldn’t get used to Hasret and Mehmet Emir right away. She lost her mother, Hasret, in the 85th episode. In the 100th episode, she had a daughter named Deniz, but later it was said that she died and her daughter was taken by Efsun and Sultan.

Ceren Moray (Efsun Demirci) is a 21 year old, nice, beautiful and attractive girl. Pretty cool too. The most well-known feature is that she talks a lot. She is making a mess because she talks all the time. Efsun is an ambitious and quite selfish girl. She’s bold enough not to hesitate to destroy her opponent when necessary. She wants to have a comfortable life. She knows you can do that with money, too. When it comes to taking Bahar’s life from her, she does not feel any pangs of conscience, she even separated the two by saying that she was with Ateş, but when it all turned out to be a lie, Bahar and Ateş reunited. Efsun adores wealth, magnificence and brilliance. In the 39th episode, İsmail and she fall in love with each other. In chapter 54, when Bahar leaves her and goes to Cyprus, her psychology deteriorates, her lungs fail, and she falls ill and is hospitalized. When Bahar hears this, she comes from Cyprus to Istanbul. Efsun senses this and recovers and regains her former health, but then she falls ill again and a donor for kidney transplantation is sought and found. In episode 62, Bahar is very embarrassed when she learns the truth. Later, Efsun marries Arda, the marriage game they play turns into a true love. Just when all the sins are over and she has built a beautiful life, she turns to her dirty face again for the sake of her aunt Sultan’s stealing Bahar’s baby.

Keremcem (Ateş German) is a successful lawyer. He is the right-hand man of Mehmet Emir Atahan, who has become one of the important names in the business world. Ateş is not what it seems. He has a secret that he hides deep in his heart. His mother and father died when he was little. He saw the mark on the arm of the man who killed his mother and found that man 20 years later. He has solved all the secrets hidden behind the death of his mother and father. Before meeting Bahar, Ateş was married to a girl named Arzu in Switzerland. After living together for a while, Ateş and Arzu quarreled and separated. Then Ateş returned to Turkey; but as soon as Ateş left, Arzu became pregnant with Ateş. 5 years later, Arzu and her 5-year-old son, Doruk, set out to Turkey to find Ateş and found him. As soon as Ateş saw his son, he understood that he could no longer live without him. When Doruk died in the 80th episode, he was very worn out. In the 100th episode, he had a daughter and was seriously injured in a traffic accident, and then left Bahar and gave herself to take revenge on Kenan.

Sinan Albayrak (Mehmet Emir Atahan) is 45 years old, a well-intentioned, patient and disciplined father. He successfully runs the family business. Efsun means a lot to Mehmet Emir. Mehmet Emir is both happy to find a trace of his lost love and excited to taste the love of his son from his own blood. But later she learns that her real daughter is not Efsun. He is Bahar’s father. Then he marries a woman named Cemre.

Oya Başar (Sultan Erdemli) Efsun’s aunt, a tough-looking woman around 50 years old. There is always a resentment, always anger on her face. The reason for this anger is her past life with pain, disappointment and struggle. She hates Hülya and Arda. In chapter 66, when Arda became a murderer, Sultan punished him and used Arda. She dragged him and Hülya into dangerous games. At the same time, she gave birth to a baby 25 years ago and gave it to her sister Nuran because she could not take care of it. Ilyas is angry with Nuran because of this. İlyas then gave the baby to Ganimet. Together with Efsun, they stole Bahar’s baby.

Cem Özer (Kenan Erksan) used to have a grudge with Mehmet Emir. Hülya and he are in love with each other, although Mehmet Emir wanted to prevent them from getting married, he could not. He got married to Hülya in the 80th episode. In the 98th episode, he tries to shoot Atei with a gun in front of Efsun and Arda’s house, and at that time Bahar fired 2 shots from behind and then healed. Ateş took the gun and said that he shot himself when the police came. Then, to take revenge on Bahar, he had a stigma on his face.

Ahu Sungur (Hülya Atahan) is Mehmet Emir Atahan’s sister. She always fights with Sultan and Efsun. Müge and Arda’s mother. She’s a bit of a mentally ill woman. Because she lost her husband and mother one after another. Efsun’s new mother-in-law.

Ozan Güler (Arda Atahan) is Hülya’s son. He married Efsun because he was threatened. But later he fell in love with her. He became a partner of Efsun and Sultan.

Ayşenaz Atakol (Nuran German) is Ateş and Bahar’s daughter.

Zerrin Sümer (Ganimet) is the new host of İlyas. He is around 60 years old. He took Zeynep, the daughter of the Sultan, and took care of her as his own daughter.

Neslihan Acar (Sureyya) is the owner of the pastry shop where Bahar used to work. She is also Bahar’s neighbor.

Nesime Alis (Adile) is the maid of Atahan mansion. She is Beyza’s mother.

Ayçin İnci (Zuhal) is the person who helped Sultan and Efsun in kidnapping Bahar’s child.

Aybüke Pusat (Zeynep) is the daughter of the Sultan. She is raised by Ganimet.

Beril Kayar

Erdal Cindoruk (Salih) is the person who buried Yusuf Ağa and was involved in Mücella’s old love and the dirty work of Sultan and Efsun.

Bahar Şahin (Muge Atahan Saydam) is the daughter of Asım and Hülya. Müge fell in love with Cemal and married him, but she had an unhappy marriage. He kills Cemal to protect Zeynep and then runs away.

Yeşim Ceren Bozoğlu (Nuran Demirci) is 40 years old. She is İlyas’ wife. Efsun’s own, Bahar’s stepmother. A controlling, obsessive woman. She is just as ambitious. Getting rid of poverty is her only wish. She burns to death on the bus in episode 51.

İclal Aydın (Hasret Erkıran) is the woman Mehmet Emir loves very much. The birth mother of Bahar, who was thought to have died years ago, but was revealed later. In the 84th episode, she was injured and died when Kenan put a bomb there, while she was going to go on a vacation with Mehmet Emir and live their happiness.

Cem Kılıç (Ismail Demirkan) Homicide chief. She loves Efsun, but they broke up when the truth came out. He has no family, he grew up in an institution of protection. In episode 96, he was shot and killed by Affan’s man.

Zeynep Eronat (Mücella Demirci) is 50 years old İlyas’ older sister. Efsun’s self, Bahar’s half-aunt. He loves İlyas very much. She left the series in the 63. episode.

Birgül Ulusoy (Sakine) is Nuran’s afterlife. Involuntarily, she also gets involved in all bad affairs. She left the series when everything was revealed in the 60th episode.

Nurşim Demir (Edibe Atahan) is the mother of Mehmet Emir and Hülya. She gave the order for Ateş’s father and mother to be killed. When Ateş learns about this, she informs the police, the police arrest Edibe Atahan and Edibe Atahan is imprisoned. When Mehmet Emir learns this, she gives 127 shares of her company, everything else and her mansion to him. While she was going to tell Edibe Atahan, the woman dies of a heart attack. When Mehmet Emir and Hülya hear this, they are devastated by their mother’s death.

Didem İnselel (Fulya Atahan) is Mehmet Emir’s ex-wife. She has a son named Umut Doruk. She went to America and got a contractual divorce from Mehmet Emir.

Gülsen Tuncer (Semra) is Ateş’s aunt. She was the one who took care of Ateş after the death of her father and mother. She left the series.

Şan Bingöl (Alp) is Bahar’s lover who cheated on her with Efsun. He always fights with Ateş. He only appeared in season 1.

Güzide Arslan (Secil) is Sakine’s niece. She escaped with Asım. In the 4th season, she left Asım and went back to Gelincik hill, but when her aunt Sakine did not accept her, she went to Ganimet in Kismet District.

Turgay Aydın (Asım) was married to Hülya. Later, he and Seçil fled to Paris. Separated from the series.

Süleyman Atanısev (İlyas Demirci) is someone who has never been able to settle. After Yusuf entrusted Bahar to him, he took various jobs many times, but each time he failed. Since he has no job, he lives on the money Yusuf sends. He is an emotional man. He is constantly lost between the wishes of his wife and daughter. He is often unable to express his own thoughts. He shows closeness to Bahar and stands by her to prevent her from feeling a stepdaughter. Nuran’s older sister, Sultan, gave birth to a baby named Zeynep 25 years ago and gave it to her sister Nuran because she could not take care of her. İlyas did not allow this and gave Zeynep to Ganimet, a woman he used to know. In the 100th episode, Kenan’s men died in a traffic accident.

Larissa Gacemer (Arzu) is Ateş’s ex-wife. Ateş left after a while and returned to Turkey. Together with their 6-year-old son, Doruk, Arzu and Ateş suddenly returned to Ateş’s life. She wants to take Ateş back from Bahar’s hand.



The shooting of the TV series “O Hayat Benim” was done in Istanbul. Filming took place mainly on Gelincik Slope in Üsküdar Çengelköy.


The soundtrack of the series O Hayat Benim was made by ENC Music. You can see the generic music of the series below.

O Hayat Benim Generic Music


The first trailer of O Hayat Benim was broadcast on Fox TV and the social media accounts of the series in February 2014. The first images were greatly appreciated.

First Introduction:


The TV series “O Hayat Benim” was screened on Fox TV on February 16, 2014. The series, which was very popular and managed to lock the audience on the screen for 4 seasons, said goodbye to the screens with its 131st episode published on May 2, 2017.

You can watch all the episodes of O Hayat Benim on the official Youtube page.


Impressive clips from the scenes of the O Hayat Benim series were also shared on the youtube channel of the series when it was broadcast. You can find these video clips below:

Episode 131 Special Clip

Episode 100 Special Clip

Episode 91 Special Clip


You can watch some of the unforgettable scenes of O Hayat Benim below. All other scenes of the series can be watched in the ‘Videos’ section of the Youtube official page.

Sisters Shoulder to Shoulder Again

Hope Door Opened for Bahar

Zeynep’s Conscience

Ateş Knows No Barriers!

Hülya threw herself into the fire!

Sultan Confessed

Müge Lost Her Mind!


The TV series “O Hayat Benim”, which managed to connect the audience to the screen for 4 seasons and left its mark on the period in which it was broadcast, was sold to 36 countries, including Colombia, Hungary and the USA, and continues to be watched abroad.

Also, the series is being adapted in Romania. The “O Hayat Benim” series, whose format was sold to Romania by Calinos Entertainment last year, will meet with Romanian audiences under the name “Adela”. Written by Ruxandra Ion and her team, in the series produced by Dream Film production company affiliated with Antena 1; Alexandru Dunaev will give life to the characters played by Keremcem, Mara Oprea Ezgi Asaroğlu and Oana Mosneagu Ceren Moray.