Series News The Oath tv series 35th episode 2. released

The Oath tv series 35th episode 2. released


STAR TV screens on the screen will be broadcast on February 26, the new section of the line will be watched with great admiration.

Tolga Sarıtaş, Serhat Kılıç and Aybüke Pusat starred in the 35th episode of the 2nd episode.


It depends on Nazli’s life training …

Tim, wrapped up by terrorists on four sides, is trapped in the corner. Agah’s surprise plan changes all the balances while he is in the midst of a relentless melee.

With Derman’s orders, his men are immediately on the move. Nazli, who identifies Derman’s man, is abducted with a treacherous trap. Tim moves immediately. Although the cormorant is injured, he pledges his life to his teeth and swears to find Nazli. They start a racing race against time. If Tim can not keep up with his time, Nazli’s life will end.

Meanwhile Yavuz learns from his father about his mother’s murderous shocking information.

Keşanlı and Çaylak, who participate in the discovery team, face an unexpected attack. The crack is severely wounded. Moreover, they are trapped in a ruin and nobody can hear their call for help. The rookie is about to be killed in Keşanlı’s arms.