Artists News Oğlum series is ending, Kubilay Aka is meeting with his co-star in Çukur in his new project!

Oğlum series is ending, Kubilay Aka is meeting with his co-star in Çukur in his new project!


Kubilay Aka, who plays the character of Bulut in the TV series Oğlum (My Son), is climbing the career ladder rapidly. Born in Istanbul in 1995, the actor has displayed his talents in effective projects one after another since 2016.

The first series of Kubilay Aka, Vatanım Sensin, was a very good production and the character of Ali Kemal was the prominent story of the first season. Kubilay Aka, who won the admiration of millions of viewers thanks to this role, had a chance to be popular with his first TV series.

Afterwards, Kubilay Aka, who showed a better acting presentation with the Celasun character in the Çukur (The Pit) series, improved himself a lot with the 4-season series. After this role, the actor, who received leading offers in a row, became the leading role for the first time in the series Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceilings) with Bensu Soral last season.

The actor, who made an effective debut with the character of Kerem in the Aşk 101 (Love 101) series, has recently been playing the leading role in the Show TV series called Oğlum (My Son).

Kubilay Aka, who made his name in the lead role with Songül Öden, Nihal Yalçın, Canan Ergüder, Feyyaz Duman and Timur Acar in Oğlum, which impresses with its strong drama story, is also quite tired due to intense shooting.

Stating that he spent the break given to the sets during the holiday by sleeping at home, the young actor said that this short vacation was good for him.

Oğlum series is ending, Kubilay Aka is meeting with his co-star in Çukur in his new project! 7

It was also revealed that the series “Oğlum” would make its finale. Kubilay Aka also touched upon this point and said, “Oğlum’s drama is good, the set is going well, it’s going peacefully. Hopefully we’ll finish it in a couple of chapters. We think that we are doing a contradictory and good job, we are happy as a team.”

Kubilay Aka, who announced that he would work in the summer despite this busyness and saying that he was tired, gave the good news that they will shoot a movie with Umut Evirgen in the summer.

The actor said, “It’s a festival movie, I hope it will be good. We are excited, we will be together with Necip (Memili) brother again, I am excited for him.”

As it will be remembered, the duo of Necip Memili and Kubilay Aka appeared together in the TV series Çukur (The Pit). It was also revealed that the duo will meet again on the same set with a movie in the summer.

Explaining that the offers that come with the acceleration of the projects by digital platforms, Kubilay Aka says, although he wants to rest a little in the summer months, he may not find the opportunity.

The actor gave the following details in his statement: “I think I’ll get some rest in the summer. But good projects are also coming. Platforms also started to get very busy. So, of course, I don’t think of refusing any opportunity if it comes. I am always working.”

Explaining that he made a career plan and that he could plan within the projects that came as much as possible, Kubilay Aka said that he would continue to progress in his acting journey.

Broadcasted on Show TV on Wednesday evenings and meeting the audience with 13 episodes so far, “Oğlum” series will bid farewell to its viewers as its ratings are not very good. It turned out that the series will make the final in the 15th episode. In this case, the series is expected to be screened for the last time on Wednesday, May 18.