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19 May 2022 19:13


On the set of the Kasaba Doktoru series, the actors immediately mingled with each other!

TRT1 now has a new TV series called Kasaba Doktoru (Town Doctor) for those who want to watch the doctors’ stories on Friday evenings. The shooting of the series, whose first episode will be broadcast on Friday, April 8, continues in a cheerful atmosphere.

Behind-the-scenes footage from the shooting at a hospital in Maltepe, Istanbul, has been released. You can see from the behind-the-scenes footage that the team was immediately fused with each other on the set of the Kasaba Doktoru series, which the fans of the series are eagerly waiting for.

While the crew was doing their job very seriously during the shoot, the camera was reflected in which the actors approached each other with gestures and mimics in between shots.

The trailers released before the first episode of the series, in which important actors such as Ozan Akbaba, Hazal Subaşı, Deniz Can Aktaş and Vildan Atasever took part, were very effective. Ozan Akbaba in the character of Hakan and Deniz Can Aktaş in the character of Ömer will be prominent names in the series.

Years later, the paths of Ömer, who decided to become a doctor by studying medicine at the end of injustice, and Hakan, who coincidentally guided him during the disaster, will cross. The duo, who meet again in a town hospital far from the city, will do their best to help people together with the character of Leyla.

In addition to the first meeting of Ömer and Hakan Hoca, the helplessness and deep pain experienced by Leyla, the young doctor Ömer falls in love with, will also affect the audience.

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