Artists News Onur Bay will now appear before his fans with the TV series Kirli Sepeti!

Onur Bay will now appear before his fans with the TV series Kirli Sepeti!


A new name is joining the cast of NOW’s Kirli Sepeti (Laundry Box) series, produced by MedYapım and directed by Ece Erdek Koçoğlu. Successful actor Onur Bay will portray the character of Bülent in the new episode of the indispensable series of Sunday evenings, which will be screened on Sunday, March 10th.

Onur Bay, who participated in the TV series Arka Sokaklar (Back Streets) as a child actor and continued the character of Tekin for 15 years, later improved himself with different projects.

It seems that Onur Bay will make a significant contribution to the team of the TV series Kirli Sepeti in the new period with his talents.

Onur Bay, who also starred in the TV series Son Yaz, Mahkum and Kaçış, returned to television projects after a while with the TV series Kirli Sepeti.

There are notable names in the cast of the series that keeps the audience glued to the screen. Kirli Sepeti series, which received good ratings and managed to become one of the influential productions of Sunday evenings, will be even stronger with the arrival of Onur Bay.

The series, which includes successful names such as Ayça Bingöl, Ceren Moray, Cansu Tosun, Furkan Palalı, Halil İbrahim Ceyhan, Gözde Seda Altuner, Bestemsu Özdemir and Serhat Kılıç and Devrim Yakut, attracts a very large audience on Sunday evenings.

The intertwined lives of servants and their employers working in a boutique site in one of Istanbul’s rich neighborhoods; In the series about the great gap between those above and those below; Love, secrets, lies and three women standing side by side despite all these; Kirli Sepeti, with its story that sometimes makes you cry and sometimes makes you laugh, is on NOW every Sunday at 20.00.