Onur Durmaz is on his way to becoming a phenomenon with Engin in the series Yargı!
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4 February 2023 08:33


Onur Durmaz is on his way to becoming a phenomenon with Engin in the series Yargı!

The popular series of Kanal D screens, Yargı, continues to be effective on Sunday evenings. Onur Durmaz, who gave life to the character of Engin in the series, stands out more and more in each new episode. In The Yargı, Engin declared war on everyone and the 11th episode aired again brought millions of viewers to the screen.

There is a big difference between the emotion felt for the character of Engin at the beginning of the series and the one felt now. Nobody thought that such a bad person would come out of Engin’s character. Those who witnessed that Onur Durmaz increased his acting performance as the story progressed do not hesitate to use laudatory expressions on social media. Onur Durmaz, whose name was not written as the leading role in the Yargı series, is moving towards a position that steals a role from the leading roles…

Onur Durmaz’s name should also be mentioned in this success of the series, which won first place in both AB and ABC1 groups with its ratings, and finished the day in second place in the all-person category. According to many of his fans, the actor is taking strong steps towards becoming a phenomenon with this character.

Catching everyone’s deficits in the 11th new episode, Engin started to slowly commit his revenge plan by threatening them with these deficits. It is already a matter of curiosity who will bow to these threats and who will not. This evil personality that emerged from Engin became the agenda on social media.

The Yargı also changed the agenda of social media. With its episode last night, “Yargı” was once again among the hot topics of social media. The episode tag #Yüzleşme and #Yargı kept its place in the TT list all night. Also, all the other characters were on the TT list throughout the night. 100 thousand tweets were sent in the Yargı, out of 5 million access.

While Engin’s transformation after entering prison was a surprise to everyone, Engin started his revenge plan after he hired his aunt Seda as his lawyer. It should be noted that Nergis Öztürk successfully portrayed Seda, who helped Engin’s character.

Nergis Öztürk, who is well-known to the audience of the series, returned to the series with the Yargı two years after the character of Zerrin, which she portrayed in the series Avlu. The actress’ joining the team further strengthened the story.

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