Onur Durmaz, who is still on the agenda with his Yargı series, carried his bad reputation to his new series!
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5 October 2022 12:24


Onur Durmaz, who is still on the agenda with his Yargı series, carried his bad reputation to his new series!

Onur Durmaz, who plays the character of Engin in the series Yargı, is still a popular name because the story goes to very interesting points. Although it has been a long time since she left the series, the character of Engin has never been on the agenda in the riddle-like scenario of screenwriter Sema Ergenekon.

The fact that Engin is the person who planned all the events and that the character still stands out as the immersive element of the series despite his death, makes the actor Onur Durmaz constantly on the agenda. However, Onur Durmaz has already put the Yarg series out of his mind and is preparing himself for a new role.

After the character of Engin, who makes such big plans in the series Yargı and influences the story so much, you will watch the actor as someone who works in a kebab shop in the TRT1 series called Kara Tahta.

The duo of Furkan Andıç and Miray Daner met in the new series, whose first episode is expected to be broadcast on Wednesday, March 30th. Onur Durmaz took his place with the character of Cafer in the series, in which Cengiz Bozkurt was also in the cast.

Cafer, who works at the kebab shop in the new series, will be on the side of Bekir, the villain of the story. In other words, you will be able to see the traces of Engin’s character in the Kara Tahta series.

Let’s see if Onur Durmaz’s situation of being an insidious and planned evil doer, which is likely to stick on him, will be more taken for granted with the Kara Tahta series, or will it drag the role player to a very different place?

Kerem Arslanoğlu will play the character of Bekir, who is the fiancee of the character Irmak, played by Miray Daner, and has a workshop.

Onur Durmaz and Kerem Arslanoğlu seem to be the new villains of the new series… The fact that the Kara Tahta series is a story of unfinished love and the lead couple was chosen very well was a detail that drew attention.

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